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videos by Wayne Randall  2024

Recent Art Projects

Museum of Homelessness

The charity Museum of Homelessness

has opened its permanent home with a performance exhibition called How to Survive the Apocalypse. Go along to see it in Finsbury Park

and learn what you need to survive on the streets. A really great experience and a chance to discuss with others what needs to be done to improve the problem of homelessness.


Chris Bird has written and illustrated this wonderful book

of poetry which describes in visceral detail his struggle with undiagnosed schizophrenia and drugs while living on the streets. Laced with dark humour you will learn so much from Transmissions. It is published by Write-London which is a creative art project, collaborating with people to create poems and other forms of writing, along with artworks reflecting upon that writing.

Our Vision



Art That Makes a Difference

Homelessness London 2024 is an art project which aims to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in London through images,videos and storytelling. By telling the human stories behind the statistics, we hope to inspire action and change. Raising awareness will help to make a difference.

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